LET'S TALK: 4 Signs Your Spouse Will Be Abusive Years to Come

An abusive relationship can be likened to a tree. They do not just grow big all of a sudden, do they?There's usually the period when the tree is nothing but a tiny green bloom which you could easily pull out with the littlest of forces.

Abusive relationships are similar to this in the sense that they sometimes grow gradually until it becomes too late to handle.
So here are the early behaviours to watch out for so you can nip the abuse in the bud, or exit the relationship when you can. [Alive, that is.]

Excessive jealousy

Jealousy is not something to actually worry about in a relationship, as it could mean your partner is just scared to lose you.

If, on the other had, your partner is madly jealous and has a habit of seeing a threat where there's none, then they could be in for some abuse in the nearest future - physical and verbal.

Violent Tantrums

He's actually not hitting you, but when you do something he clenches his fist hard, punches the wall angrily, bangs the table and upturns it,  throws things angrily and smashes dishes...
He's not hitting you... yet.

History of abuse

If your partner has a history of abuse, chances are that they'll do it with you, too.
Simply because old habits die hard.

Subtly controlling your behaviour

One of the primary constituents of domestic violence is control. When your boyfriend or girlfriend keeps demanding access to your social media, or if they restrict you from certain friends or family or wants to know every movement you make, it could become worse if you allow it start at all