A Fan prays video director Kemi Adetiba gets engaged as she turns 37 (PHOTOS)

Kemi Adetiba is so used to prayers for her nuptials, it's more hilarious than offensive to her. Another fan has taken it upon herself to send a special prayer to God on her behalf, asking that the video director gets engaged as she turn 37 on January 8.

Kemi AdetibaKemi Adetiba
(Instagram )

Adetiba who found the post rather amusing shared it on social media, noting that she had been wondering when the marriage prayers would come as it has become a norm.
Kemi Adetiba instagram post Kemi Adetiba instagram post

The music video mavin is part of an ever increasing list of Nigerian celebrities who do not believe that marriage completes them and are comfortable being single.

Of course, Nigerians do not see it that way and will continue to hound them until they are happily (or unhappily) settled in the homes of their husbands.