Barack Obama serves as groomsman for top aide at wedding

Barack Obama as a groomsman has to be one of the coolest stories of year 2017 so far. As unbelievable as it may sound, the American President not only agreed to take on the wedding duties, he also showed up and played his part just beautifully.

The outgoing President of USA joined the bridal train of top aide and golf partner, Marvin Nicholson, who married Helen Pajcic in a private wedding in Jacksonville, Florida over the course of the weekend that ended January 8, 2017.
President Obama and the couple (The Telegraph)

Trust 'Obizzle' to shine at all he does. The President made the super groomsman at the ceremony, playing his role perfectly. You’d hardly guess he’s the leader of the free world.

Also present at the wedding was John Kerry, who was the officiating minister as the top white house employee and his bride said their wedding vows.
First Lady, Michelle Obama was, however, not there at the ceremony.
Not only was President part of the bridal train, John Kerry was also there to officiate the wedding ceremony (Times Colonist)
Her presence, or even a possible role as the chief bridesmaid would have made a great spectacle, wouldn’t it?