Blogger Mazino Oyolo-kigho Wins N100,000 in the #DomanKingNGRocks Contest

Blogger Mazino Oyolo-kigho few days won himself a whooping N100k from the contest pulled out by The Domainking Registrar in Nigeria few weeks ago. Mazino showed by his posts on social media that promoting others makes one blessed and appreciation in return. we here at Gistpark Media (GP) followed his posts ever since he keyed into the contest and discovered that he never made a post without the hashtag #DomainKingNGRocks on all his Facebook post as likes on each post counts to his own advantage.

Mazino Oyolo-kigho is also a great writer in different fields of blogging and he as well belong to different blogging groups online. He is a Tech Savvy and a Business reviewer as his website Mazinoweb explains different businesses and how to use trending technologies to make life easier on a daily basis. Mazino is worth connecting with based on our our recommendations.

He has been a great technical support on the LoGiN Bloggers Network on whatsapp as he has helped the group's members(who are all bloggers) on different technical issues in different ways. The fellow is a genius.

Connect with him through this Links
Facebook : Mazino  


I am speechless. Thanks so much Ike.
I also admire your style of writing.
ike ani said…
you are most welcome Mazino. thanks for the compliment.
Congrats dear br. Am indeed very happy for you.

Olasunkanmi Fakeye