Philanthropist Mike Ile Shares Awesome Throwback Photos

Mike Ile took to Facebook to share the great memories he had with his friends back in the days at school. In the photo, Mike is seen rocking the microphone as a gospel singer. We never knew he could sing too sha!. The shoe on the guy by the left is so cool. LOL! see more photo and Mike's caption below.
Let me yab myself by myself. It's a throwback thingy. First photo, na me dey for middle. Second photo, na me wear that yellow material Wey women dey use make 'simi' back then. That shiny stuff.
The very black, tall dude is Israel Olorunpomi. He was the best producer in our university then. I had just written a hit gospel song and he made a bad beat for it.
That song was so good, Israel and Seye insisted on dropping some bars on it. It was titled BIG BIG GOD SIR. We had a special choreography we performed to the song.
Chai.....I be star back then o. And my head was small. No be like now Wey my head be like HEADward. Those days were so beautiful. Hehehehe.....I was a very gospel-ised singer. I even recorded an entire gospel album in Kaduna. I never got to put that album out there. And it had some good songs o. Chai...
Israel thanks for digging up these memories. It brought tears to my eyes. School was so beautiful.
Hey people, after you laugh at me, tell me your fondest memories from school. What were your most remarkable memories? Friends, a particular lecturer, concerts, room mates, a hot dude or babe, what?
See Mike Ile now....