Reasons why Nigerians love Gabriel Afolayan

Charming smile, vivid personality and others are part of the reasons we are in love with Nigerian actor, Gabriel Afolayan. Below are five reasons why we can't get enough of the sexy actor.

Tope Tedela and Gabriel Afolayan on set of new movie Tope Tedela and Gabriel Afolayan on set of new movie

1. He's a cutie

Born to Adeyemi Afolayan(Ade Love) and part of the renowned Afolayan entertainment family that comprises Kunle Afolayan and Aremu Afolayan, you can't deny Gabriel is cuter than words.

2. Acts like he was born to do so

You can only argue with us if you haven't watched any movie he has starred in.

3. Has got a dreamy voice

A graduate of Theatre Arts from University of Ibadan, asides acting Gabriel sings like a siren.
Its no wonder he doesn't lack babes by his side. He started his singing career in 1997 as a backup singer at Phynix studio in Ibadan.
Going by the stage name G-Fresh, his debut single "Kokoro Ife"(Love Bug) was released in 2012.

4. He's a hunk

Gabriel Afolayan Gabriel Afolayan is a singer and actor.

Gabriel is one hell of a sexy mini god! His sculpted abs are what dreams are made of.