Timaya criticized for allegedly insulting journalists

Timaya has opened himself up for some criticism for his alleged insult on journalists following his uncourteous decline of an interview request. His rude boy personality had been intriguing and attractive to the fans until his recent insult of a Punch News reporter.

Timaya Timaya

A news report published by Punch on Sunday, January 8, 2016, described the singer as someone with an undesirable attitude, who needs some anger management lessons.
The singer's harsh response to the interview request was so shocking even for one of his aides, who had to tender an apology on his behalf.
"Sunday Scoop recently ran into the controversial entertainer recently and his attitude left a lot to be desired.
"He insulted our correspondent when he was asked for an interview, and it is apparent that he needs to attend anger-management classes.
"Put off by his saucy attitude, one of his aides had to apologise on his behalf," Punch News reported.

It was also alleged that some fans of the singer made complaints about his rude bahaviour after he turned down their request for a selfie at an event.