WEDDING: This "Beauty and the Beast" proposal shows that happy endings still exist

He explains on social media how his romantic movie-based proposal landed him the girl of his dreams. Imgur user jel2930 explains that his girlfriend Cara has been obsessed with the character Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” since she was a only a little girl, so he wanted to bring her favorite film to life when he proposed to her.

In a series of posts shared on the photo-sharing platform on Sunday, January 15, 2017, the lover-boy tells of how he made Cara’s dream come true and got her to say yes to his proposal with a single act.
This guy's "Beauty and the Beast" proposal shows happy endings still exist On a bent knee, he asks Cara if she'll join his fairytale for life (Imgur)

"This is Cara, my best friend and partner in crime," he writes.
"She grew up admiring Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” Wanting to recreate the famous scene, I decided to make her the dress to coincide with my proposal."

So, as the thoughtful sweetheart that he is, that’s exactly what he did. He actually made a totally stunning recreation of the dress Belle's wore in the ballroom scene of the Disney movie.
This guy's "Beauty and the Beast" proposal shows happy endings still exist Here is the ring Cara got when she said yes to her boo's proposal (Imgur)

So cute, right? But that’s not all.
In order to In order to complete add an extra fairy tale touch to the proposal,  he decided to propose at the Iowa State Parks Library Periodical Room.
And sure enough, Cara said yes, for that was one offer her dreamy heart could not say no to!