WorldStarHipHop founder Lee Q dies at 43

Lee Q has passed away at the age of 43, TMZ reports. TMZ reports that the face and CEO of WorldStarHipHop died in his sleep on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Lee O'Denat aka Q Lee O'Denat aka Q
(the new york times)

The top Hip-Hop website was founded by Q at age 33 back in  2005 with the legend posting mixtapes which quickly developed into a mash-up of videos, fight clips and other camera footage that served raw hip-hop.
O'Denat reportedly referred to the site as the "CNN of the Ghetto" and rightly so, considering the content the website produced and its target audience.

Q is survived by his wife, Brianna Padilla.
May his soul rest in peace.