3 Ways Nigerian Youths Loose Fortunes

              Nigerians over the years have professionalized the art of complaining and blanking out of opportunities that knock at their doorsteps on a daily basis. In Nigeria, people don’t see business ideas/strategies until a neighbor starts one and then it becomes competition for all. But often times an average Nigerian don’t like to sit down and think first instead he rushes into anything he hears that can fetch him quick cash but he forgets that get rich quick schemes later leaves you broke because It can’t continually be a source of income.

              If you see a Nigerian graduate, ask him what his desires about the future is and you will be amazed at the glorious castles he has built in his mind. Such is good but enquire from him how he intends to get there and hear for yourself his uncertain plans. He will hardly have any plan which is obtainable in line with the visions/goals. At the end of the whole thing, a young man who should have been an established man by age 27 will be seen still launching in and out of petty businesses online and offline. We can see that concrete life plan matters a lot.

Here are three (3) ways Nigerian youths miss the fortunes that life has brought forward to them;

        1.    Neglect of Opportunities:
There is a saying that says “opportunity comes but once”. This means that there are certain types of opportunities that are rare that don’t come by so easily. Nigerian youths these days ignore great opportunities mostly because they feel it’s not to their taste or class. So many ideas and platforms to help them start somewhere but most ignore such as it doesn’t give them above N30K on a monthly basis.

       2.    Waste of Half a Day For Non Profit Activities on Social Media:
Many Nigerian youths these days have ended up pay rolling their smartphones on a monthly salary basis by the amount of money they spend on internet data subscriptions. The amount of money spent is appalling as most of them do not have any serious/no source of income and yet spend more than half of it on internet data. If you must be online half a day, be sure it’s for business sake that yields results at a long run but not wasting data for nothing.

      3.    Neglect of Business Summits/seminars:
So many youths in Nigeria don’t fancy the idea of sitting under a business tycoon to learn how certain businesses in the Country works and operate but still have interest in such. You will agree with me that such a youth will encounter unnecessary challenges in starting up such business because the needed knowledge is missing and probably, he/she will end up learning it by losing a fortune first.  

A proper sitting down and thinking often times is very crucial for youth as air is needed for human survival. Those that think less and work more always end up being used 100% in the labour market as cheap manpower but those that think well and go for wisdom are the business controllers and even if they work as employees, they know their place and offer their best on a needed ground. 

Rise up and be counted!!!!