"I Just Got A Job After Going Through Trying Times " - Nairalander @Kateskitty

First I want to thank God for my new job, I just can't thank you enough.
Now, this is my story.
I lost my parents when I was still in secondary school and because of that, I had no one to sponsor me through university. Except for one uncle of mine who took me in and promised to sponsor my university education. I'm not going to speak ill of my uncle because he's late now (God rest his soul) but also because he taught me everything I know about computers today.

My uncle instead of enrolling me in the university like he promised, chose to put me to work in his cyber cafe business center. I worked there for years until I realized my uncle was never going to fulfill his promise, so I saved up and enrolled myself in NOUN without his knowledge.

Fast forward four years later, I finished my program from NOUN last year. But in between those four-years where one of the toughest period of my life because,
1. my uncle passed away during that period
2. his cyber cafe business closed down because his children ran the place to the ground.
3. I was now a student but unemployed

So with the skills I had working in my uncle's cyber cafe I managed to get another job (for 12,000 back in 2014).

Now, last year just 2 months after I said goodbye to NOUN I got a job (for 30,000). While now working as a graduate, I built some more job experience and acquired 2 certificates on Android app development and Web development. I did this job for 10 months, every night I would search Linkedin, Nairaland, Jobberman and other job sites for better opportunities until this April.

One of my application clicked and I was invited for an interview. I later made it to the second stage and finally was made an offer (150,000). I can't thank God enough for seeing me through it all, I'm almost in tears.

Another funny thing about my life is that I have a couple of well-placed uncles I could run to who could put me in a better position than the one I got but I preferred not to because I believe my God and I are a team.
I look at my new job and I'm amazed that my tithe now is going to be more than my entire salary back in 2014, what can I say...