POLITICAL ART OF WAR: The EFCC and the Nigerian Political Madness

It’s no news anymore in Nigeria that the EFCC in the current President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is a thorn on the flesh of our corrupt leaders who have turned national funds to family and friends bonuses for personal budgets. The EFCC has stood its ground on fighting corruption while the political culprits have decided also to keep advancing their methods of stealing public funds. We will view the current state of things from the ‘art of war’ perspective.

EFCC once hinted on any fraudulent money transaction online or offline, makes smart fast moves to get the guilty hands cuffed. This has been the trend based on their diverse modalities of investigation  but currently, the crime committers have advanced their operational methods since the banks has decided to become more like betrayers to the fund looters. The banks always give detailed insight immediately they are prompted by EFCC and that puts the culprits on the Crime detection radar. So these days, they decided to turn their mansions to mini banks that house no human but National funds. Isn’t this funny and provoking at the same time? This is Stupidity at its peak.

The trending news of a hidden fund that nobody is claiming is currently making headlines as if it flew in to the country by itself and bought itself a house.  Currently, investigations are on-going to get the minds behind it arrested and treated according to the law of the nation. Can we see the new perspective now employed by corrupt politicians?  “Fight the enemy where they are not”

The corrupt politicians have decided to use this method of art of war to fight their enemy EFCC by hiding funds where EFCC may not locate and even if located, identifying the owner will become an issue. They are currently at the beta stage of testing this method. But guess what, the EFCC decided to learn from their targets by using the same method but in a different way…..it is simply called “whistleblowing”. isn’t Nigeria an interesting country? Of course it is.  There are always ways to catch a rat.

But we here at gistpark have a recommendation for EFCC as well. When there is a whistleblower, carefully after catching the linked criminal to which the whistle was blown at, investigate the whistleblower cause often times, the alarm raisers are aggrieved members of a crime crew. This will help in making those in the whistleblowing sphere to be sure their hands are clean because if they are not, the law will take its course. We will drop our pen here for now. We will still update you more on any new trend in the nation.
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