who should be Nigeria's Next President? Below 40 or Above?

Nigerians couldn't help it but express their anger at Nigerian politics as the new French President Macron who's 39 years of age assumed office. Most Nigerian Youth felt like underachievers. one of those angry at themselves to some extent is Jenny Chisom who has been doing great in the nation but felt her achievements were nothing compared to that of the young fellow who became president at 39 years of old. Read on.
 below here is her reaction on Facebook yesterday...
we here at Gistpark decided to ask Nigerians to answer this question with regards to the office of the President. WHO SHOULD BE NIGERIA'S NEXT PRESIDENT? BELOW 40 OR ABOVE?

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Sophie David said…
I think the next President should be below above 40 but certainly not below 60. https://www.domestico.com.ng/?acc=c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b