"I am asking my fellow Igbos to return home" - Actor Bob-Manuel Udokwu

Nollywood actor, Bob-Manuel Udokwu has urged Igbos living in the North and other parts of Nigeria to return home. The Checkmate actor urged Igbos to return to the South Eastern states to beautify and do good things for the progress of the region.
"‘I am asking my fellow Igbos to come back. Let’s start doing good things from home. Just come with a little let’s beautify our blessed Igbo land," he said.

Buttressing his point, the actor further said: "Igbo people take their wealth to other tribes and develop the place. They are the only people that can go to other tribes, buy lands and transform them into roads and mansions.
Bob Manuel Udokwu Bob Manuel Udokwu
(Nollywood Mindspace)
‘Whereas the reverse is the case when the people Igbo people share this country with those who come to Igbo land. You hardly see them buy a piece of land talk of owning properties in Igbo land.

‘We accept them, live in peace with them and love them by giving them our food, water and everything they need to keep life going," Udokwu stated.
Bob-Manuel’s call is coming days after the Coalition of Northern Youths issued an ultimatum to Igbo people living in the north to quit the region.