3 Trending Crimes in Nigeria in 2017

Crime is one law breaking act that every nation of the earth suffers from because as long as there are rules and regulations in a society, there will always at certain point in time be found the breakers of those laws. Today we want to turn our radar of inspection to Nigeria (the giant of Africa). Nigeria is a blessed nation which basks in the aqua of great number of mineral resources of all sorts and hence has more channels for loopholes for all sorts of crime from the level of the average Nigerian to the number 1 citizen of the nation. Law breaking is not social strata limited because anybody can wake up and become guilty of breaking a law by virtue of his/her actions.

Today in this post, I will be pointing out some of the most trending crimes being committed in the country. Check them out below;

       1. Public Fund Looting:
I guess this is not new to you anyway but it keeps making top of the charts on the crime radar every year for the past 2 decades now in the history of Nigeria. This crime is mostly committed by public office holders in and outside of government. They loot funds meant to provide various amenities for the common Nigerians for their own personal selfish gains and plans. What hurts most about this crime type in Nigeria is that those committing it are not always caught until they have made multiple profits and unimaginable gains from it before a new government in the political gimmicks will begin to expose them. We won’t be wrong if we say that “fund looting crime committers are untouchable with their friends in power except their enemy takes over”…….

       2. Internet Fraud:
This crime is usually called “Yahoo Yahoo” but it’s not limited to chatting white women online and playing with their heads to send money over. This crime has lots of categories under which people of all sorts of discipline can be deceived into putting their hard earned money into the wrong hands at the end of the day. This crime’s victim interface usually looks attractive at first but at the end becomes a dungeon filled with scorpions, snakes, crocodiles of life frustrating moments. Another painful part of this crime is that most times, the culprit leaves no signal by which to be tracked easily except when such a culprit is not smart enough.

      3. Kidnapping: 
       If you reside in the southern part of Nigeria, you will know better because in that region, kidnappers can decide to operate in any hour of the day not minding the presence of any security agency. It is no news anymore across Nigeria that one of the most notorious of all kidnappers in Nigeria by name Evans has been arrested and currently undergoing police investigations for further law prosecution. In the northern region, this crime seems to be increasing in recent times as level of insecurity is on the rise over there.

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