Top 10 Old Nollywood Movies that Promoted Nigerian Police/Army

Nigerian movie industry has always captured the attention of Nigerians and other nations around the globe with her diverse story lines such kingdom sagas, action packed and romance related movies and more. The industry has had lots of producers and directors of movies in different locations of the nation such as Teco Benson, Kunle Afolayan and others who have produced and directed award winning movies that made it big on blockbuster ratings in time past and even present.

In this post today, we will be listing some of the old Nigerian movies that promoted the Nigerian police/Army in one way or the other. Check out our list below.

Mission to Nowhere
State of Emergency
Executive Crime
Broad Daylight
Danger Signal
War Front
·  Formidable Force
·  Blood Diamonds
·  False Alarm
·  Terror
·  Eye for Eye
·  Dirty Game

Can you remember these movies? You can try watching them once again to catch the flare of the nice moments they brought you those days they were making top charts of movie ratings.