Album Review: There’s a new and vibrant Becca on “Unveiling” album

10 years on stage is a milestone for any artist. It’s no easy achievement for a Becca who has to come up in a male dominated industry structure and found a path to stardom while affecting lives in the process.
Unveiling” is her third studio album, coming four years after her sophomore “Time 4 Me” project, which was released in 2013, under EKB Records. Her first, “Sugar”, did the hardest task of pushing her into Ghanaian stardom and African recognition. She has since pushed through with Hiplife, a genre that she warmly embraces and expands on each project.

Becca explaining the concept behind her "Unveiling" album The "Unveiling" album marks a 'rebirth' of Becca
But “Unveiling” brags different. It’s a project symbolizing a new beginning for Becca. Where previously she stuck to Hiplife, this project has her redefining and expanding her artistry to capture the growing Afro-pop movements for which West Africa is enjoying the world’s spotlight. “Unveiling” brings a new Becca, a matured woman with a hunger to spread her wings and fly to more markets. She is backed by her deal with a new record label, Zylofon Music, who are risking it all for this.
The project is being promoted across music hotspots across the world; Lagos, Johannesburg, London and New York. Major promotional funding has been poured into the project. Her billboards have invaded the streets of Lagos, and she is touring these cities to talk about the project.
The expansion of Becca’s artistry is multi-layered but with a core focus. She is simply taking what’s trendy from her home country, and modifying it for a wider audience. Mr Eazi, an export from the country who is currently on the push for global recognition opens this album on ‘Number 1’. The music here has the classic pop bounce that Nigeria currently enjoys in pop music. You could find the same formula on the harder-hitting record, ‘Na wash’, which features sublime work by Patoranking. It’s beautiful ‘Pon pon’ music, which is instantly recognizable as one of the benefits of cultures fusing sounds together. ‘You and I’ featuring Stonebwoy is another record with international potential.
It’s a deliberate attempt at appealing to wider audiences, powered by pop sounds. But that’s not the full story. There’s still the Becca we all know; the Hiplife artist who wears her heart on her sleeves and spreads love via Hiplife. She’s already scored a national street anthem on ‘Beshiwo’ featuring local legend, Bisa Kdei. ‘Summy3’ uses its emotional depth as a vehicle for connectivity, while ‘Crazy’, ‘You and I’, and ‘Mi new waa’, offers different takes on thematic love.
Becca executes her plan perfectly on “Unveiling.” It’s a new energy for the singer, who is entering the next stage of her music career, armed with a fresh dynamic to her music, and a style that is inclusive but retains her essential originality. Based on all of this, the music on this project is strong enough to push her vision.