Women Shoes A-BUYBEA Women's Slip On Platform Loafers TDCNIYUAW

Women Shoes A-BUYBEA Women's Slip On Platform Loafers TDCNIYUAW

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faux-furRubber soleplattform loafer for womenhorse hair material:fashion and coolLeopard print:cool and sexyrubber sole:slip-resistantplease check the size chart in The Product Description

Can you ever going out for travelings Not according to millions of high heels. A-BUYBEA's trustworthy "Fashion Casual Shoe" is on sale with the signature low&mid heel, comfortable, and progressive support countless travelers rely on and love. Whether you've worn it for years or are trying it for the first time, the delivers the right amount of comfortablity and support.

Our Size Chart

| US size | Heel to Toe |
| 4 B(M) US | 8.464"-8.661"(215-220mm) |
| 5 B(M) US| 8.661"-8.858"(220-225mm) |
| 5.5 B(M) US |8.858"-9.055"(225-230mm) |
| 6 B(M) US | 9.055"-9.252"(230-235mm) |
| 7 B(M) US | 9.252"-9.448"(235-240mm)|
| 7.5 B(M) US 9.448"-9.645"(240-245mm) |
| 8 B(M) US | 9.645"-9.842"(245-250mm) |
| 9 B(M) US | 9.842"-10.039"(250-255mm) |
| 9.5 B(M) US 10.039"-10.236"(255-260mm) |
| 10 B(M) US | 10.236"-10.433"(260-265mm) |
| 11 B(M) US | 10.433"-10.629"(265-270mm) |

For example: 5.5 B(M) US fits the feet 8.858"-89.055"/ 225-230mm long.
Follow the steps below to find out your shoe size!
1. Tape a piece of paper down to the floor.
2. Place your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper.
3. Draw the outline of your foot all the way around.
4. Mark the length and width of your foot on the paper.
5. Measure the length of your foot.
Use a tape measure or ruler to measure from the top to bottom.
6. Measure the width of your foot.
89. Use your length and width measurements to find your shoe size on the above size chart.

A-BUYBEA Women's Slip On Platform Loafers TDCNIYUAW

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